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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Which Are the Lies?

Hey, y'all ...

As promised, I'm making Miss Fancy Pants Author Deborah Sharp fess up today as to what's the truth and what's pure fiction from the claims she made (below) for that Bald Faced Liar Award. I will tell you one thing: Picturing her on that nude beach in her birthday suit on her 50th is enough to ruin my dinner.


1. I worked as a street mime in Paris the summer after high school. (False ... but it would have been a good fit, since I can't SPEAK French. )

2. I went, sans swimsuit, to a nude beach on my 50th birthday. (
True, and I froze. Even though the beach is in Miami, my birthday is in January.)

3. I was a DJ at my college radio station and my stage name was Sexy Sadie. (

4. I was a finalist to be a contestant on the first season of ''Survivor.'' (
So False)

5. I was an Egyptian queen during one past life; a witch at the Salem trials in another. (
False, but would be cool, no? )

6. I won a Hot Bod bikini contest during college Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale. (
True. It involved the ingestion of several Rum Runners and a crocheted string bikini. 'Nuff said. )

7. I was selected to be the first journalist in space before NASA's funding dried up. (

8. I was arrested for violating a restraining order in a dust-up with the Monkees' Davy Jones. (
False, but I did doodle Davy's name on my book covers, convinced we'd marry someday ... Daydream Believer, indeed. )

Congrats to Dru Ann Love, Sue Ann Jaffarian, and Glen Allison, who each guessed correctly on one out of my two truths. Thanks, too, to Alan, Julia, Deb and Victoria for playing along.

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