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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding Etiquette: What to do with a Dead Caterer

Well, hey y'all! Long time no see. Sal and I are finally back from our honeymoon in Branson, Missouri, with a side-trip to the casinos in Gulfport, Mississippi. Sal rolled snake-eyes, but I had a good night at the nickel slots.

While I was gone, the new book cover arrived for my next story, MAMA GETS HITCHED. (It doesn't come out 'til July, but you can jump the gun and order it now before they run out!) You'd think that snippy author, Deborah Sharp, might have asked for my input before the publisher went ahead and put the cover together . . . but, no. She's all about being the boss and grabbing all the glory, even though she just writes down what I actually live. If it were up to me, I wouldn't have had those Slim Jims and pickled eggs on the bar. I did NOT serve pickled eggs at my wedding!

Getting around to my point: I've just been through the whole wedding thing, so I'm advertising myself as an expert now. I've always gotten letters asking for advice on love, fashion, and family feuds. But now y'all can write in with wedding questions, too.

I mean once you start off your nuptials with a murdered caterer, there's not a whole lot that can throw you. Looking back, I might not have had my Pomeranian, Teensy, as the ring bearer, considering what happened .... but you can read all about it in MAMA GETS HITCHED (Midnight Ink, July 2010).

Now, send in those letters, y'all!


Heather said...

Dear Mama:

I cannot wait until July to read about your new adventure? How many times have you tied the knot, now?


Victoria Allman said...

I can't wait for Mama Gets Hitched since I LOVED the first two!

Rosalee Deveraux said...

Well, Heather, Sal's my fifth husband, but you know what they say: The 5th time is the charm (I think that's how the saying goes)
And, hi, Victoria... just want to tell you some friends tried that beautiful butterscotch pie recipe you wrote about, and they raved. Thanks, honey ....

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